B.V.D. Finest Touch EX (fraise stitch) Round-neck T-shirt. [GN313]

B.V.D. Finest Touch EX (fraise stitch) Round-neck T-shirt. [GN313]

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B.V.D. Finest Touch EX Round-neck T-shirt.

Product Features
Mineral: Body: Cotton 100% (fraise stitch), Antibacterial finishing.
Characteristic: fraise stitch has a good stretch in the lateral direction, is a weave that is often used in underwear..
Size: M / L / LL Sizing chart
Color: White.
Made in Japan.
In Japan, B.V.D. Is Fujibo Apparel Corporation has the licensing rights(Production, sale).About Fujibo Holdings, Inc.
Product introduction
Underwear brand B.V.D. to be loved more than 100 years .
Japan domestic luxury white underwear "Finest Touch EX" series.
Repeat the washing continues to be a soft touch, durable!
It reduces the odor of the original anxious subjected to antibacterial processing.