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Future GOJEK the Japanese saw.

The driver of GOJEK is not a staff of GOJEK, because the freelance contract will continue to increase in the future.

For revenue stabilization of the driver, you will need to increase the fixed customers.

To do this, you need to communicate with the passengers.

The driver, not just wait for a job, you can make your own schedule.

Passenger is always peace of mind because it is the same driver.

Of course, let's avoid unreasonable schedule.

Service is avoided that does not observe the time.

Thoroughly bag that stick to quality.

Yoshuda & Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing bags with a commitment to "Japan Maode" ever since itsestablishment.
The founder Kichizo Yshida's phiosophy "One stitch all soul" has now become the corporate matto.
It describes our dedication to excellence in every stage of the manufacturing process, from material selection, design to sewing, just like the process of stitching pieces to completion.
To achieve our goal, Japanese craftsmen's high manufacturing skills were essential.
We believe that are the only craftsmen to empathize with our philosophy and help us make it possible to materialize it as bags.
Yoshuda & Co., Ltd. will continue to manufacture high quality bags with our Japanese craftsmen for years to come.
All Made in Japan YOSHIDA BAG -. PORTER TANKER series.
Main material is made of ballistic nylon, that is heat/friction/rip resistant, and also used for airbags of vehicles and bulletproof vests. With a combination of water repellent tarpaulin, the textures are contrasted in this all black series, with a wide variety of items including accessories, for business and casual use.
All Made in Japan YOSHIDA BAG -. PORTER HEAT series.

Goods of Japanese textile manufacturers has become a commonplace that is good quality.
Comfort, durability has a reputation.
Of course, the quality even after repeated washing does not degrade.

Do you know?
In the white ethnic costume Arab men to wear every day, "almost 100% made in Japan" is in the luxury market of choice for formal and wealthy.

In addition, the technology of "TORAY" of fiber manufacturers have been adopted on the wing (carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic) of "Boeing 787".

You know, the suppliers of material of "UNIQLO" is "TORAY".
However, the product of "UNIQLO" in order to suppress the cost, quality will fall while a little.

By all means, even now please try the Japanese underwear to evolve every day.
Global sipping shopping site =>

1: How not to buy fake goods.
→ Buy web site to be shipped from Japan.
In Japan, the seller of the fake is caught immediately.
Therefore, the product is almost the real thing to be shipped from Japan.

2: settlement method of safe products price.
→ settlement in PayPal is safe.
Settlement with PayPal Most of the card all over the world are available.
The seller does not have to know the card information of the buyer.

3: Safe mail delivery method. Of Japan Post, "EMS" is the fast and safe.

By all means, please enjoy a safe shopping.
Many thanks.

We are in the commodity to be sold there is a basic selection reasons. 

1:Products that Japan's technological capabilities have been utilized.
2:History is long, of large companies products.
3:Products that take advantage of the many years of specialized technology of the company.
4:For many years in Japan, acclaimed products.

On the basis of these things, we have to introduce the products to the world.